Saturday, May 15, 2010

T-minus 16 days!

The Pittsburg High School Science Club has worked really hard to make this trip happen!  We have met, made decisions and have a good idea of when, where and how this is going to happen. 

To get to where we are at, we needed to participate in fundraisers and even accepted some very gracious donations.  At this point we haven't properly or formally thanked our supporters but that will come during and after the trip.  WE ARE VERY APPRECIATIVE AND THANKFUL FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

The adult sponsors that are giving a week of their time for this trip are Mary Packard, Lyn Schultze, Bridgett Keating and myself (Stuart Perez).  We do this because we like it!....and it's really cool to see all these places.

When the trip begins, check back every evening and see the daily student comments and pics.

We depart on Monday May 31st.

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