Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4: SDSM Geology Museum / Crazy Horse Memorial / Mt. Rushmore

The geology museum was a great visit.  There are many fossils, rocks and minerals from around the world.  We stopped at a park to make a lunch and it RAINED and HAILED....just our luck!  We worked through it and headed over to Crazy Horse.  That is a neat and very educational place to visit.  From there we went to Mt. Rushmore.  The museum is a nice tribute to how it was made and what it symbolizes.  The night lighting program is a great opportunity to learn additional history of our country and is a very patriotic experience. ~Mr. Perez


The Geology museum was really cool, there were so many fossils.  There were some from every time period. Seeing how things evolved was exciting.  The rocks were really cool too, some even glowed in the dark! There were some precious gems and even a little gold.  Mt. Rushmore was not as big as i thought it was but it was still really cool.  Crazy horse was awesome there were so many artifacts and that monument will be huge.-Emilee

We had gone to geology museum, there was a lot of stuff there. Lots of buffalo horns dating back to god knows when, a few marine fossils and a T-Rex head.Then we went to a park to eat lunch, and while in the middle of that it started hailing on us. After that we went to the Crazy Horse memorial site, it was huge. It is going to be stunning when it is completed. Finally, the coup de gras, Mt. Rushmore. That place was amazing, it was very beautiful when it was lit up at night.- John C.

The geology is always interesting, i saw things I didn't notice last year.  When you walk it there are several synamic hanging sea creature fossils that put you in mind of the Loch Ness Monster.  There were several huge pieces of beautiful petrified/mineralized students said that it looked like stained glass. I loved looking  at it ... i could study it for hours  to notice all of its beautiful colors.  Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse were awesome and I can say that I am tired of the rain , but my field and stream rain coat is working well.   M. Packard

The geological museum was pretty interesting.  I enjoyed the dinosaur fossils more so than the rock fossils but either way I was glad we had stopped.  For lunch we stopped by a area park and wouldn't you know as soon as we started cooking it started raining, but it didn't just rain it also hailed on us! At least we are making some unforgettable memories ha! Crazy Horse was amazing, there was the monument, Native American museum, and they had Native American dancers.  It truly was a learning experience.  We traveled on to Mount Rushmore and that site was breathtaking! We stayed for the lighting experience and I have to say I am glad we did because it gave me goosebumps! It was a good day overall, despite the rain.     Keating

Yesterday was AMAZING! I loved going to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology's geology museum. They had tons of interesting fossils, minerals, and rocks! Whoever thinks rocks can't be awesome hasn't been here before! Crazy Horse made up for the anxiety of lunch. The shear size was truly amazing. After this we went to Mount Rushmore, which was also amazing but compared to what Crazy Horse will some day be is tiny! Sylvia S!

It was awesome. We went to the Crazy Horse Memorial and saw a lot of Native American clothing, tools that were used to make the monument, jewelry and a lot more. We went to the Geological Museum which had a lot of rocks, minerals and fossils. It was really interesting to see how old each fossil was and to see what type of rocks and minerals they found. Near the end of the day, we went to Mount Rushmore and saw the monument of the four presidents. What was also awesome was when we were about to make lunch, it started to rain on us again.  Fawna

We drove through some amazing country yesterday and visiting both Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore were highlights of the day.  Ou've probably heard of our cooking woes in Canyon Creek Park in Rapid City.  Yes,  as soon as we start to cook the rains begin.   But everyone is so agreeable and takes setbacks like this in stride.  I was really impressed last night at the ceremony for soldiers and veterans at Mt, Rushmore.   A thousand people were perfectly quiet while a troop of Girl Scouts from Montana retreated the flag while all the veterans in the audience were arrayed across the stage.  It was patriotic and moving.  What an American place it is.  What a great experience for these students from PHS.  Lyn Schultze

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  1. When I was 14 they just had the rock outlined with the white paint to show the image. That face is really cool to see. Isn't surreal to see Mt. Rushmore in person. Hopefully no one tried to find the National Treasure like in the movie.......okay that was cheesy. Have fun.