Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 5: Castle Trail, Chillaxing and more rain...

WOOOHOOO...a day of hiking and relaxing before we head home.  The hike was a nice 6 miler through some stunning formations.  Back at camp we relaxed and fixed an nice meal while spending time around the fire and laughing.  The students have had fun and have hopefully learned a bit about plants, geology, "weather", and Native American history.  ~Mr. Perez

Today we went on a hike at Castle Trail, it was incredibly exciting. When we got back to the campsite we decided to go swimming in the pool, it was super exciting. At dinner time, as usual, the rain started again, not so exciting. All in all, the whole trip has been the bees knees and I wish we could stay longer. I'm not so excited about the ride home, but I'll get over it. Sylvia S!

Today we hiked a long trail, called castle trail. For the most part I was in front but towards the end it was Dalton and I; we left everyone behind, way behind(on accident), so we had to wait for like 5 minutes.  Today was the first time we swam at the camps pool, it was cool. Still raining. John C.

Today was a very, very, very exciting, we went on a hike to Castle Trail, which was six miles. After we got done we came back to camp an went swimming most of us stayed at the little kids pool because that water was warmer then the "BIG" kids pool. Then as we got back to camp again we chilled and everything, then once again it started raining so me, Will, and John are staying in the vans again. Schoonover!!

Today was exciting, and the trail was even more exciting. When we returned we went swimming that was only fun but almost exciting. We came back to camp after an exciting walk, an figured out it was going to rain so we took our tent down since our tent door was broke, that was not very exciting. Newport!(EXCITING!!)

Today was a very relaxing day. We went on a six mile hike. The scenery was really beautiful. Along the hike I got to see many new plants that i had never seen before. When we got back, we went swimming. It was really nice after being out in the sun all day. All together this week has been very very exciting. It was filled with beautiful scenery, history, and exciting adventures. I'm very sad that we have to leave tomorrow. Alesha

This trip has been very exciting, i am glad the I got to see so much and learn a lot.  The six mile hike was great there was so much to see it was incredible, although i am having fun here i miss home a little bit.  After our hike we all went swimming and worked on evening out our sunburns from the hike. I will miss it here-Emilee!

I was really excited to go on our hike today.  Near the end of the hike ((which was 6 mi!) really exciting!) I could see the van and was about to cross the rock mounds to get to it, but then I saw the trail markers that told me I wasn't finished yet, so I had to go around the rock mounds, exciting.  Sunburns will fade sooner or later, but I would much rather the pain fade sooner than later.  Going home will not be exciting, I'm going to miss this exciting place.  ~Megan

Our last full day in the Badlands! We began the day with a warming breakfast of oatmeal and dried fruit, got packed and loaded up the vans for the trip to the Castle Trail.  We walked through a variety of landscapes, really almost moonscapes, the formations are so weird I could hardly believe I was in S. Dakota.   We walked over a hill and discovered a movie set and had a chance to chat with the director, a grad student from SD University working on his thesis movie.  They had quite a set up and he told us of the plot line ( a woman dragging her deceased husband through the Badlands to honor his last wish).  That was a cool addition to the odd scenery.   One of my favorite parts of the six-mile hike was what I would call the rock field.  I love rocks and so do several other members of our group and there were just beautiful chunks of agate scattered everywhere for about a mile.   Unfortunately, we can not take any with us, as much as we were tempted.  I saw several rocks that would look great in my garden, but I am very pleased with the piece of granite flecked with feldspar that I got at the Crazy Horse monument.  There was a huge pile of rocks and anyone could take one.  Donation of one dollar requested and our vans came back to camp probably 40 pounds heavier. I have a site in mind for my rock already picked out. Anyway,  we just finished up a great supper and I am looking forward to Perez's famous dutch oven peach cobbler.   As this week began I was wondering how I would like camping with ten teenagers for a week, but I must say,  I have had a grand time, I've seen a great part of the American landscape, and I've had a chance to interact with some great kids outside of the classroom.   I wonder if Packard and Perez need a co-driver next year?  Lyn Schultze

Today we went to do a 6 mile hike and it was really nice. It rained on us a little bit around 8 pm but not much. All the seniors had to danced by the fire just for fun. All in all, it was great.  Fawna

Well the hike today reinforced my "farmers" tan, it was a great hike through the prairie and rock castles.  It has been a great week a great colleagues and great students.  Good company, great scenery and a super good time.  Thanks to allof you who helped us  make this trip possible.... as the week has gone on the kids have opened up and bonded as well as the kids with the adults and vise versa.  Badlands 2010 really ROCKED!!!!  M. Packard

This trip has been alot of fun.  We've done alot of different things and gone to several places to hike and learn about different interesting things.  We hiked 6 miles, climbed steep rock formations, and danced around the fire with glow sticks. I've had so much fun this week and hope i can come back again sometime.  It rained some but also got really hot and now i have two great tan lines. This week was awesome!!!!  Two Tone (Amy G.)

Today was so much fun. We hiked 6 miles then went swimming, saved food from the rain and danced around the fire with glow sticks! The hike was exhausting..I also got burnt. Over all though it was so amazing. Tribal paint and dancing was awesome! Ashley.F.

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